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Republic of Nauru Phosphate Corporation (RONPHOS)

Corporation Profile

1)    Company Over View

Situated in Nauru, an island country in the southwest Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Nauru Phosphate Corporation (RONPHOS) is a State Owned Enterprise established on 1st July 2005 by an Act of Parliament succeeding the Nauru Phosphate Corporation and taking on all its assets and liabilities.(Amendments to the RONPHOS Act 2005 enforced on the 1st of March 2013.)

The main objects of the Corporation are to (1) maintain and operate the phosphate industry on Nauru in a safe, efficient and profitable manner;(2) to establish, maintain and operate such activities as are or may be ancillary to the maintenance and operation of the phosphate industry on Nauru; and (3) to establish, maintain and operate such other activities, including those recommended to the Board by the Minister, as the Board shall, with the approval of Cabinet, from time to time determine.

The Minister of RONPHOS is a member of Cabinet responsible for the phosphate industry on Nauru. A  Board of Directors is established as the governing body of the Corporation. The five members of the Board are appointed by Cabinet. A Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board with approval of the Minister on terms and conditions approved by the Minister.

The Corporation has the power to do all things necessary, convenient or appropriate to be done, whether at Nauru or elsewhere, for the fulfilment of its objects.

2)    Phosphate Rock Demand

There is no substitute for phosphate in agriculture. Due to the increasing demand for food production and development, particularly in Australia and South East Asia, the demand for Nauru rock is overwhelming and the demands from RONPHOS’ customers cannot be met with the current production output.

3)    Phosphate Export

The Corporation is successfully marketing and exporting phosphate rock to contracted customers across the world.



Cantilever Ship Loader & Mooring Buoys




RONPHOS Objectives

RONPHOS has a number objectives in 2017-18, including striving to contribute to the national economy through dividend and royalty payments, and through salaries and debt repayment.

The specific objectives include:

  • 1) Phosphate Price

    Maintaining the best price options for phosphate exports through careful management of contracts and exploration of options both through existing and potential new channels to market.
  • 2) Export Targets

    Steady growth in the output volume of the Corporation, which currently is behind the expectation of the NSDS but in line with the expected capacity of secondary mining and rehabilitation activities.
  • 3) Business Continuity- Plant & Equipment

    Design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of upgraded facilities for the drying of phosphate rock for export.  This includes re-engineering of dust extraction facilities to resolve community dust issues. (Project Zero Dust)
  • 4) Decommissioning of Obsolete Plant and Equipment

    Demolition and removal of redundant plant and equipment, which is one of the first steps in the Phosphate industry exit strategy, which will ensure that RONPHOS does not leave behind a footprint of useless land and buildings and the environmental issues associated with the same.
  • 5) Research & Development- Secondary Mining & Alternative Revenue Streams.

    Continued “research” into options for treatment of secondary phosphate recovered to ensure product quality and reputation is maintained, as well as investigation of options for limestone exports / sales on a significant scale and equitable price, to enable long term export opportunities / partnerships to be developed.


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